Welcome to Dr. Christine Mai, DDS

Dr. Christine Mai has been in practice in Alexandria, Virginia since 1997 and has now opened a second office in Woodbridge, Virginia. She provides cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry to all ages. Dr. Mai works with you and guides you to a smile of your dreams. She also works with dental specialists to enhance the overall functional and cosmetic procedures for the patients. Those patients who are apprehensive about dentistry, but would like to benefit from dental work, she can offer nitrous oxide to help ease the anxiety.

With cosmetic dentistry, she will find out about what you want by listening to you and asking you questions. Then she will do study models and waxed-up models for presentations. The models, treatment recommendation, payment options will be presented to you before the work starts, so you will be well informed ahead of time.

With comprehensive dentistry, she will provide the care you need to have a healthy oral cavity with the latest materials and technology dentistry can offer.